Softball Field

Beginning with the 2016-17 softball season, the Express will play all of its home games and conduct most practices on the artificial turf field - for more information, click here.

Located at the corner of State Route 90 and Poplar Ridge Road in Aurora, the modern incarnation of the Wells College softball field was constructed in the late 1990's as home to Wells' sixth varsity sport. Beginning play in 2000, the field features a skinned clay infield and permanent, enclosed dugouts with full electrical power and storage areas.

Prior to the 2013 softball seasons, numerous upgrades are made to the facility, including a new electric scoreboard and a permanent "temporary" fence, replacing an antiquated plastic portable fence. The new rigid temporary fence is safer for student-athletes, as they can run into the fence while it gives way. Additionally, the fence can be easily broken down and stored in the off-season, allowing the field to have greater function during the summer and fall.